Leadership Coaching

Coaching helps you create a cultural change – in yourself and your organization. One-on-one coaching offers executives the best opportunity to grow, to feel more connected and confident and achieve higher levels of success in their field. How? Through a series of sessions, a RM coach guides you through the steps to unlock your full potential by setting specific personal goals. Goals that will bring about a shift in perspectives and ideas in your workplace.  A leadership coach also gives you the energy, drive, and determination to succeed.

RM Leadership Coaching will help you:

  • Become a better leader
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Meet your goals faster
  • Focus on solutions instead of problems
  • Deliver better results with less effort
  • Increase productivity and job satisfaction
  • Inspire employees to do their best work
  • Encounter less conflict with staff
  • Improve staff retention rates

Why coaching works:

You and your coach are a team. You concentrate your focus on your goals and the coach supports and advises you every step of the way.
You get the job done. Consistent coaching sessions create an environment that supports accountability.

You’re on the road to success.  A coach provides the tools and structure you need to put personalized plans in motion — quickly and effectively.

Why RM?

You get 19 years of experience with proven, performance-based successes in national and international corporations. Ouida Vendryes and RM have a solid understanding of the world of the executive leader and their impact on the organization.

We have coaches with expertise in diverse areas and will tailor our programs based on your goals. RM Leadership Coaching offers skilled guidance on how to improve communication, emotional growth, accountability, and creativity. And that, in the end, affects your bottom line.

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What Can Coaches Do For You?

Read this Harvard Business Review Report and find out what you should know. http://hbr.org/2009/01/what-can-coaches-do-for-you/ar/1