360-Degree Assessments

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Self-awareness is one of the most valuable leadership capabilities. However, it is also the least discussed. While you may know your strengths and can acknowledge areas of improvement, you may not recognize perceived weaknesses. We often think showing strong leadership means appearing as if we know everything. In reality, the opposite is true.

Self Awareness

During RM’s 360 Degree Assessment sessions we ask the critical questions that will bring about a new sense of self-awareness. Our personalized evaluations, surveys, interviews, and debriefings will result in a deeper understanding of your abilities and allow you to focus on specific areas to develop. You will:


Reflect on your own insights.


Gain feedback from your co-workers and managers and subordinates.


See parts of your leadership style that you wouldn’t see otherwise. Identify business and personal objectives.

Built for You

Custom designed specifically for executives to get a clear picture of themselves, a 360 Degree Assessment will help you develop a plan of action for growth and positive change. Private and confidential, our coaches provide ongoing counseling that will remove barriers and support high levels of individual achievement.

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