Workshops and Training Programs

Conflict Management

Manager as Mediator puts the tools of mediation into your hands to teach you how to build better workplace relationships. Actual cases are used to provide practice; an action plan for implementing mediation skills will be discussed… Learn more

Working with Challenging Employees is designed to give managers the communication skill sets to effectively manage challenging employees and situations. Participants will examine common behaviors and attitudes in order to develop techniques… Learn more

Taking Control of Conflict addresses how conflict can be an obstacle to organizational success and personal job satisfaction. When two or more people work together, conflict is almost inevitable. Although you may not eliminate conflict entirely, you can take control of it… Learn more

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Diversity & Team Building Initiatives

Building Bridges to Understanding illustrates how the cultural backgrounds and experiences of diverse employees, and customers, can deeply enrich the organization, making it more innovative and globally competitive… Learn more

Understanding Yourself: Work Better with Others. Our custom tailored assessment instrument helps you enhance your skills in the areas of communication, leadership, team building… Learn more

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Management Training

Train-the-Trainer allows you to select up to 15 employees to be trained as trainers in a specific program/content area… Learn more

Initiating and Managing Difficult Conversations  will allow participants to practice the communication skills and techniques needed for handling difficult work issues with candor, tact, and sensitivity.  Learn More

Performance Evaluation Refresher teaches to make performance evaluations more meaningful and effective. Practice methods for articulating clear expectations, assessing, and rating performance… Learn more

Conducting Performance Appraisals covers the elements of successful employee appraisals. Gathering information, guidelines for conducting an appraisal, and common errors made are discussed… Learn more

Excelling as a Manager  These essential, “must-have” management skills have proven themselves time and again with successful organizations across the country… Learn more

Leading the Challenge of Change addresses how to effectively address changes in leadership and the challenges of adjusting to and managing the process of change… Learn more

Managing for Customer Service Excellence provides the requisite skills for managing superior customer service in your organization. Focuses on how to build, maintain, and lead an effective and motivated work team so that every service delivers satisfaction… Learn more

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to recognize and deal effectively with your own and other people’s emotions. According to recent studies, it is a better predictor of success than IQ. This workshop is designed to help people in leadership positions…Learn more

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Supervisory Training

The Performance Management Process focuses on best practices for setting standards, expectations, and goals for optimal employee performance. Provides methods to reinforce positive results while addressing performance gaps… Learn more

Transition to Supervision assists new supervisors in making a successful transition from “co worker” to “supervisor.” Gain strategies and insights for supervising former peers. Develop an assertive management style that helps them accomplish goals… Learn more

Supervisor Excellence: Managing Yourself First is designed to increase your self-awareness and develop strong relationship-building skills. Focus will be on using emotional intelligence to heighten self-esteem and self-awareness…  Learn more

Fundamentals of Supervision is an introduction to the issues, challenges, and typical situations related to supervising “frontline” employees… Learn more

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Workplace Effectiveness

Building Positive Workplace Relationships Learn how to implement a powerful four-step program to resolve conflict and work cooperatively with others… Learn more

Planning Your Work – Working Your Plan is an interactive workshop that enables participants to identify strengths and weaknesses, and pinpoint areas for improvement in managing multiple priorities… Learn more

Giving Effective Feedback teaches managers to use feedback as a tool to increase employee performance, improvement, and development… Learn more

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