Taking a business team off-site for a few days can be transformational — for the organization and the people. A good management retreat results in clearer, more coordinated goals and more energy for the work. Our retreats provide two major benefits:

A) The distance your company needs to get a broader perspective on its challenges

B) The time and processes it needs to come up with creative ways to overcome them

A RM Retreat can help:

  • Strengthen team spirit and camaraderie
  • Develop a strategic plan
  • Train a department or group in a skill or technology
  • Communicate financial and operational results
  • Introduce a new product
  • Celebrate accomplishments

Critical Action Plan and Follow-Up

Retreats are often the start of many projects. To keep track of goals agreed upon, RM provides an in-depth summary of the action plan and important information captured at the retreat.

Your organization will benefit from more confident, committed and inspired teams.

Retreats require careful planning. Follow our checklist here for some of the steps that should be taken beforehand to ensure your retreat will be a success.

To plan a retreat or for more information, contact Ouida for a Free Consultation