Solving problems without involving attorneys and government agencies can save you both time and money. Mediation is a private negotiation process in which a mediator assists individuals or groups in finding a resolution to a particular issue or conflict.

To this end, RM Mediation Services help organizations establish dispute resolution policies and procedures – either voluntarily or in order to comply with a collective bargaining agreement.

RM provides an impartial party (the mediator) to identify the critical behaviors and organizational issues necessary to successfully execute change. Here the skills of joint problem solving and effective decision-making are learned and put into practice. Our signature methodology helps drive employee performance that positively impacts your business.

Employers and employees can work together to solve workplace disputes. When individuals listen to each other, share opinions and feelings, and determine their solutions, the climate is prime for the parties to agree on the best course of action going forward. Let RM show you how to restore the working relationships and maintain a professional rapport in your organization.

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