Training is not always the answer.

Complex issues sometimes require a multi-pronged approach to bring about lasting change. An intervention is a holistic problem solver that involves more than one service, offered concurrently, resulting in swift, positive results.

For example:

A new senior level manager has been hired to “turn around” a division. Barbara M. is tasked with improving the customer service rating and enhancing the professional image of the department. She was hired from the outside, despite the possibility of promoting within. Upper management felt a need for greater creativity and innovation — and they didn’t believe anyone in the department currently could lead the charge.

Barbara is met with tremendous resistance and sabotage. Mark, who had been informally running the department, continues to do so, undermining Barbara’s authority. Barbara has sent the staff to development training, but the behaviors have not changed. She has reviewed poor customer satisfaction surveys. She has fed this feedback to the staff, and has argued, pleaded, and begged for improvement… all to no avail. She has implemented a new policy regarding professional attire which resulted in a coo (led by Mark) against her. Barbara is on the verge of quitting.

In this real world example, the following Intervention was implemented over a six month period:

These services, offered in tandem, allowed Barbara to:

  1. Disarm Mark and develop an alliance with him.
  2. Build the morale of her team.
  3. Follow up with staff on agreed upon action plans.
  4. Utilize a sounding board (executive coach) to validate and/or challenge her thinking, planning and implementation of positive changes.
  5. In six months turn her “Bad News Bears” into a winning team.

RM Interventions are customized and highly effective because they address complex issues by providing numerous services concurrently, leading to fast results. The RM team of consultants work closely with each other and the client for weekly updates and strategy sessions to ensure we’re on course.

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